Multi Sentry Making A Difference At New Arc Animal Rescue

A generous donation from a Riello UPS reseller is helping an animal rescue centre plagued by power cuts.

[Please note all the pictures in this article are kindly provided by Chole Strachan Photography. Find out more about Chloe’s work here and here]

Norco Group Limited gifted the New Arc refuge in rural Aberdeenshire with a 20 kVA Multi Sentry.

The UPS will protect nine 150 watt incubators against blackouts and other power problems.

Roy Kemp, Technical Manager at Norco Group Limited, told the Aberdeen Press and Journal that they installed the largest possible battery and de-rated the UPS to ensure the maximum runtime for the animal incubators.

ESSENTIAL BACKUP: The Multi Sentry UPS system donated to New Arc

“We also supplied a new battery pack and installation materials virtually at cost price.

“A similar installation would normally be in the region of £4,000, but we managed to get them three hours of automatic backup power and keep their cost down to three figures.

“That’s a lot of power for the money.”

– Roy Kemp, Technical Manager for Norco Group Limited

FURRY FRIEND: Roy Kemp from Norco Group Limited gets to grips with a hedgehog

“We’d really like to thank Norco Group Limited, because being as rural as we are, we’ve had electricity cuts a lot of the time in the past and almost lost animals because of that.

“If we were to lose power for a few hours, it really could result in a sad situation where we could have a loss of life of some animals.”

– Keith Marley from New Arc wildlife resuce centre

VITAL INFRASTRUCTURE: Some of the incubators that the 20 kVA MST will protect

The uninterruptible power supply will provide enough backup – approximately three hours – for the centre to plug in a generator in the event of longer disruptions. New Arc is now looking for a generator company that might be able to supply a unit too.

New Arc (North East Wildlife and Animal Rescue Centre) is the biggest wildlife rescue in north Scotland, taking in large numbers of injured birds and mammals every year.

The charity offers a 24/7 service and has rescued and rehabilitated more than 16,000 animals since its establishment in 2006.

The organisation, which receives no government or lottery support and is completely funded by public donations, was recognised for its work by being named “Wildlife Rescue Centre of the Year” at the 2019 Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) awards.