Riello UPS’s Top 12 Most Popular Posts Of 2020

We count down our most-read articles of the year in our top 12 posts of 2020.

To employ a much-used phrase, 2020 has certainly been something of an “unprecedented” year in many ways.

But despite everything going on in the world, you’ve still been hitting this website in high numbers to read about the latest activities at Riello UPS.

We’ve now published nearly 240 posts on this site, covering everything from technical white papers and informative videos, through to events round-ups and details on product launches.

We’ve crunched the numbers and are delighted to count down the articles you’ve been reading the most in our top 12 posts of 2020!

12. Explaining Why UPS Capacitors Fail

We kick-off our countdown with a free white paper tackling the issue of capacitors, the vital components that help UPS systems store and filter energy.

The article outlines the various different types of capacitor you’ll find in a typical UPS, before going on to investigate why capacitors are subject to failure and what happens when they do.

11. Making The Move To Modular UPS

Next up is an article that first appeared just before Christmas in 2018.

Our Chris Cutler gives a comprehensive overview of the phenomenon of modular UPS systems and the benefits they offer data centres.

He explains the principle of a modular solution and how it compares to traditional, monolithic units. The article goes on to highlight the many economic and environmental benefits making the move to modular UPS like our Multi Power range can bring.

10. White Paper Explains All About UPS Batteries

Into the top 10 and it’s another of our informative whitepapers.

This article takes a deep dive into the subject of UPS batteries. Not only does it explore the crucial difference between battery design life and service life, but it explores some of the factors that can impact on a battery’s lifespan.

In addition, the white paper highlights some of the most common UPS battery conditions and provides perspective on the benefits of battery testing and maintenance.

DON’T BE LEFT DRAINED: Our white paper explains all about UPS batteries

9. On The Road With Electric Vehicle Batteries

In at number 9 on our rundown is a piece we put together for Digitalisation World last autumn.

The piece examines whether data centres could offer a second life to the millions of batteries used in electric vehicles.

It provides examples of projects already using second life EV cells as energy storage, such as the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam.

While it provides the pros and cons for data centres considering using the technology as a means to tap into demand side response markets.

8. Getting Technical About UPS Bypass Switches

In at number eight is a Tech Talk article exploring bypass switches with a UPS.

Riello UPS Technical Services Manager Jason Yates explains how both internal maintenance bypass switches and external bypass switches work.

7. Sentryum Flies High With Airport Installation

Seventh position in our countdown goes to a case study describing how our transformerless Sentryum range helps a major aviation hub hit new heights.

Learn how reseller Ashdale Engineering Ltd replaced an end of life UPS protecting critical IT and operational infrastructure at Belfast International Airport with a 10 kVA Sentryum.

check-in desk at Belfast International Airport (BIA) easyJet Jet2.com
FLYING HIGH: Sentryum helps Belfast International Airport hit the heights

6. How Does A UPS Deal With Unbalanced Loads?

As we head into the second half of our most-read review, it’s another Tech Talk that takes the sixth spot.

This video covers how a double-conversion Online UPS is capable of handling unbalanced loads.

5. Master+ Up For A DCS Award

The fifth most popular post on the site this year announces our shortlisting as a finalist in the DCS Awards 2020.

Our innovative Master+ partnership was recognised in the “Data Centre Power Innovation of the Year” category at the annual prizegiving.

The article goes on to explain the concept of the smart grid-ready battery storage solution, as well as encouraging readers to take part in the online voting that will determine the overall winners.

4. Understanding The Basics Of A UPS

At fourth place on our review is an old favourite…

This edition of “UPS Basics” is actually the most viewed video on our YouTube channel, having been watched nearly 60,000 times at the point of writing.

It provides an excellent starting point for anyone trying to get to grips with uninterruptible power supplies.

The video provides an easy to understand overview of the three main UPS topologies – Standby, Line-Interactive, and Online.

3. The Master+ Model

Into the top three and it’s another article featuring our smart grid-ready Master+ solution.

This one provides an in-depth explanation of the concept, which enables data centre operators to rethink the role of their UPS systems.

You can even download a full case study providing more details about our partnership with energy trading experts RWE.

2. Bypass Synchronisation And No Break Power Transfer

Just missing out on the top spot is this Tech Talk video.

It explores the reasons why a UPS might switch to bypass and goes on to highlight the importance of synchronising this bypass to make sure there’s a seamless no-break power transfer.

1. “UPS Basics”: UPS Operating Modes Explained

After finishing on top of the tree in 2019, it’s same again for this year as our informative UPS Basics guide is the most-read article.

The piece showcases a YouTube video starring our cartoon “UPS Wizard” Steve offering an explainer of the various operating modes you’ll find on most modern uninterruptible power supplies.

It covers double-conversion Online UPS mode and the energy-saving ECO mode. In addition, you’ll also learn about Smart Active, Standby Off, Frequency Converter, and Voltage Stabiliser operating modes.

That’s all from us in 2020.

Thanks for reading over the last year and we look forward to sharing plenty more from the world of Riello UPS with you in the weeks and months to come.