Digitalisation World ‘DigiTalk’ Podcast: What Is Edge Computing?

What is edge computing and how will it impact on data centres of the future? Just some of the questions we tackle in this special podcast.

Our Marketing and Communications Manager Barry Jarvis chats with Digitalisation World Editor Phil Alsop about the phenomenon of edge computing.

Over the course of a near 20-minute podcast special, the two tackle what is said to be the ‘holy trinity’: edge computing, ‘Internet of Things’, and 5G.

The podcast kicks off by debating the question ‘what is edge computing?’. Naturally, this leads the discussion towards the impending roll-out of superfast 5G.

While society’s dependence on IoT and connected devices features with a segment about robotics and automation.

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SPECIAL GUESTS: We take over the ‘DigiTalk’ podcast to explore what is edge computing, our dependence on ‘Internet of Things’ devices, and super-fast 5G broadband

According to Barry, the rise of edge won’t necessarily lead to a revolution in data centre infrastructure.

Designs will pretty much remain the same, but with small iterative changes.

However, edge computing does go hand-in-hand with modular, prefabricated micro data centres.

Barry explains how these are practically ‘shrunk’ or ‘smaller’ versions of traditional data centres. He also touches on the compatibility of modular UPS power supplies with these more flexible facilities.

Listen to this ‘DigiTalk’ podcast special and learn what impact edge computing is having