FMUK: UPS Maintenance For Facilities Managers

Robust UPS maintenance for facilities managers needs to be a top priority. To help, we share some of our top tips with industry publication FMUK.

A reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a vital tool in the armoury of most facilities managers. It’s a vital insurance that keeps IT and electrical equipment up and running during power disruption.

However, a UPS is only as good as its maintenance regime. A well-maintained unit will perform at its best for longer. Key consumables last for 50% longer. But get it wrong and your UPS could be wasting energy, or even worse. It could suffer a critical failure when you need it most.

logo for FMUK leading facilities management trade magazineThis feature article for respected industry magazine FMUK outlines our top UPS maintenance tips for facilities managers.

Getting The Best UPS Maintenance Cover

Many issues occurring during maintenance are traced back to an engineer throwing an incorrect switch. Perhaps they carry out maintenance procedures in the wrong order. The advisory article explains some of the simple checks to include in a maintenance regime to reduce this risk of human error.

Whether it’s updating operational procedures, improving labelling, or undergoing training, these threats can be averted. For critical sites, a Pilot / Co-Pilot arrangement will prevent the vast majority of mistakes.

Facilities managers should also embrace new UPS technologies such as thermal imaging. This technique is far more effective at detecting heat-based faults and failures with components. It also reduces the invasive nature that some UPS maintenance can require.

Before signing up to any maintenance contract for UPS units, site managers are advised to double-check the coverage they’ll receive. What are the emergency response times? What does a ‘response’ even mean? A phone call or a competent engineer on-site sorting the problem?

Read the full piece from our General Manager Leo Craig in the May-June edition of FMUK magazine