Network Communications News: How To Select A UPS

In a data-driven society, having appropriate power protection is essential. We share some of our top tips to make sure you choose the best UPS.

We’re living in the era of data. Vast amounts of information stored, managed and processed in data centres or the cloud. Of course, the invaluable protection provided by an uninterruptible power supply minimises the risk of data loss if there’s a power outage or disruption.

Network Communications News magazine logo white text black backgroundBut with UPS technology constantly evolving, it can be difficult even for the most experienced IT managers to choose the best power protection systems for their specific needs.

Naturally then, there are several factors to bear in mind when it comes to how to select a UPS.

We speak with Network Communications News magazine and outline these top tips on how to select a UPS that is the most appropriate to meet the demands of a data-led world.

How To Select A UPS: 7 Top Tips

Our in-depth article shares seven secrets to consider:

  1. Confirm the amount of power the UPS is required to back-up
  2. Choose the best operating mode
  3. Choose an open UPS maintenance protocol
  4. Consider the environmental requirements
  5. Think about installation
  6. Consider total cost of ownership (TCO)
  7. Consider your UPS maintenance supplier (and their provision for spares)

In addition, Riello UPS General Manager Leo Craig expands on each of these points in great detail, sharing his 30-plus years of industry experience.

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If you want even more information about choosing a UPS, check out our ‘UPS Basics‘ video.  And subscribe to the Riello UPS YouTube channel for more fun & informative videos!