Data Centre Solutions (DCS) UK: The Modular UPS Scale-Up

Our General Manager Leo Craig outlines why maintenance for modular UPS is crucial.

The popularity of modular uninterruptible power supplies, such as Riello UPS’s Multi Power, continues to grow. According to Frost & Sullivan, demand for modular is likely to grow twice as quickly as traditional UPS.

logo for data centre solutions (DCS) magazineMany of the advantages of modular UPS are obvious. There’s simple scalability, there’s enhanced energy efficiency, there’s reduced footprint. However, a modular UPS can only deliver such performance benefits if it is properly looked after.

Maintenance for modular UPS is often overlooked, a fact our General Manager Leo Craig shared with Data Centre Solutions (DCS) UK magazine.

In the lengthy feature, Leo outlines some key aspects a UPS maintenance plan should cover. He advises of the importance of fully trained and certified engineers. He outlines how many UPS maintenance providers now use thermal imaging technology.

And he warns that the promises made in many maintenance contracts don’t always live up to lofty expectations.

“Caution should be applied wherever maintenance contracts seem too good to be true.

“Can a two-hour response really be guaranteed, for instance?

“Anyone who drives on the M25 might question this!”

– Leo Craig, Riello UPS General Manager

Read the full article about maintenance for modular UPS in the September edition of DCS UK magazine