DCS Europe: Cutting Data Centre Carbon Emissions With Modular UPS

Our data centre efficiency expert Chris Cutler explains why taking steps to cut server room carbon emissions will deliver environmental and economic gains.

Expensive electricity can add up to as much as 60% of a data centre’s total running costs. There’s all the power required to keep IT equipment such as servers and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) running. Then there’s the energy-intensive air conditioning to ensure those machines operate safely.

DCS Europe magazine logo squareChris Cutler, our Corporate Account Manager and data centre efficiency specialist, speaks to the May edition of Datacentre Solutions (DCS) magazine about how the move to modular UPS can stop energy bills spiralling out of control.

Research organisation Software.org predicts there’ll be more than 50 billion smart devices by 2020. The ‘Internet of Things’ and Industry 4.0 will place huge demands on data centre capacity. Think of all the terabytes of information constantly being generated by these devices that will need storing and processing.

In his opinion article, Chris argues that data centre efficiency isn’t just desirable, it’s absolutely essential to meet these unprecedented demands.

Best Ways To Cut Energy Waste In Data Centres

He highlights the rise of modular UPS as one of the most effective ways to cut data centre energy consumption. Modular units deliver as much power as older, static tower UPS models do. And they need less air conditioning and space to do it.

Chris explains how transformerless-based modular UPS can run at efficiency levels up to 96%, even when carrying low loads. He also describes how modular configurations minimise the risk of oversizing UPS installations, ensuring loads closely correspond to the data centre’s needs.

The article also showcases one of Riello UPS’s recent projects, which has even received DCS Awards recognition for its energy-saving qualities. Working with The Rosebery Group, we upgraded the power protection system at two data centres belonging to one of the world’s most recognisable consumer goods suppliers.

Chris describes how replacing old, inefficient static UPS with our modular Multi Power led to carbon emission reductions of nearly 72%. The initiative also slashed the client’s annual electricity bill by upwards of £335,000.

Read Chris’s full opinion piece in this online version of May’s DCS Europe magazine