The Stack: Cutting Carbon Emissions In The Datacentre Whitepaper

This FREE whitepaper produced for The Stack is full of top tips to cut data centre carbon emissions.

By 2020 it’s estimated by research organisation Gartner that there’ll be at least 50 billion connected devices. And with the ‘Internet of Things’ and Industry 4.0 leading the way, demands for data capacity are likely to skyrocket. UK datacentres already consume 3 TWh of power a year and operators are tasked with doing more with less.

Logo for The data centre websiteCutting data centre carbon emissions and improving efficiency isn’t just desirable, it’s essential. This free whitepaper published by data centre portal The Stack explores how facilities can reduce their energy consumption. In particular, it focuses on how the move to modular UPS is leading to significant improvements in efficiency.

The publication provides an overview of the current state of play facing the sector. It touches on government legislation that compels many larger organisations to take steps to reduce their CO2 emissions.

And it analyses some of the metrics, such as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), that divide the industry amidst the desire for efficiency improvements.

Are Modular UPS More Energy Efficient?

Another key focus of the whitepaper is explaining how transformerless modular UPS units are leading the way in the drive to minimise data centre carbon emissions. It compares the small, light, modular UPS against previous, less efficient technologies.

These large, static transformer-based units couldn’t reach anywhere near the performance efficiencies that the new models can.

Other topics covered include the super-efficient ‘Eco mode’ many modular UPS’s can operate at and the benefits of remote UPS monitoring to optimise performance. In addition, the potential of Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries as a source of renewable energy is debated.

Although industry take-up is by no means widespread, using UPS batteries in this manner opens up significant opportunities as the UK moves more towards a demand-side response (DSR) mode of electricity generation.

The complete whitepaper is free to download from The Stack website. All you need to do is provide a few brief details and you’ll have immediate access to the document.