Risk UK Magazine: Q&A With Leo Craig

In this wide-ranging interview with risk management magazine Risk UK, our General Manager Leo Craig covers UPS maintenance, energy efficiency, demand-side response and more.

Risk UK is the country’s foremost publication for security, risk management, and business continuity professionals. In a sector where mitigating danger is imperative, a dependable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is critical to provide a clean and consistent electricity supply.

Risk UK magazine logoOur General Manager spoke to the journal’s editor Brian Simms in a far-reaching Q&A that covers a range of power protection topics. Leo touches on all the various risk-critical industries where a reliable UPS is important, including the emergency services, healthcare, and transportation.

With two-thirds of IT downtime actually avoidable, he highlights the importance of robust UPS maintenance. But with more than 30 years industry expertise behind him, Leo knows that not all maintenance contracts are the same. So readers are given an insight into what questions a facilities manager should ask a prospective UPS maintenance provider.

Leo also explains how the move to modular UPS units helps improve energy efficiency. One recent Riello UPS project even saved a client £335,000 a year on electricity bills.

On a similar theme, the interview touches on the renewable energy potential Lithium-Ion batteries. Although not hugely embraced yet by the power protection industry, Li-Ion batteries provide something of a solution to the rising demand-side response (DSR) needs facing the National Grid.

Read the full Q&A with Leo at the Risk UK website