The Stack: 6 Key Questions To Ask Your UPS Maintenance Provider

When there are so many UPS maintenance providers and contracts available, how can you be sure you’re choosing the best plan for your data centre?

Leo Craig, Riello UPS’s General Manager, shares his 30-plus years of industry experience with online news portal The Stack and outlines the most important questions to ask before signing up for a UPS maintenance contract.

Logo for The data centre websiteIn his decades of working in the critical power protection sector, Leo has learned that not all UPS maintenance providers are the same.

He advises data centre managers that due diligence is essential prior to entering any uninterruptible power supply service agreements.

UPS maintenance plans should be tailored to the specific needs of the client. They should be in control, not the supplier.

Sadly that isn’t always the case, something that Riello UPS is keen to change.

Some UPS maintenance providers will guarantee a 24-7 response.

But what if the business needs don’t justify such premium (and probably expensive), round-the-clock support?

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What Should I Ask A Prospective UPS Maintenance Provider?

In his article, Leo shares his top six questions to ask a preventive UPS maintenance supplier, plus what sort of answers you should be looking to hear.

  1. Do I really need a maintenance plan if my UPS is still under warranty?
  2. How quickly will you respond to an emergency call?
  3. Are your UPS technicians fully-trained and certified?
  4. How many Preventative Maintenance Visits (PMVs) does your UPS maintenance contract include?
  5. Do you hold any spare parts in stock and how quickly can I get them?
  6. Does your UPS maintenance plan include remote monitoring?

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And if you’re looking for a reliable UPS maintenance provider, click here.

Riello UPS sets industry standards for UPS maintenance contracts, including our ground-breaking Diamond maintenance plan which is the first in the UK to commit to guaranteed response and fix times.