The Stack: Diamond UPS Maintenance – The Jewel In Our Crown

Riello UPS is raising the bar with our Diamond UPS maintenance plan – we’re the first UK supplier to commit to not just a guaranteed emergency response time, but a fix time too.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) industry, our General Manager Leo Craig knows only too well how damaging downtime can be for data centres.

Logo for The data centre websiteHe’s also well aware of some of the heady promises some UPS maintenance suppliers make… Pledges that often aren’t worth the price of the paper they’re written on.

Emergency “response” times that are ambiguous at best and downright deceptive at their worst. UPS maintenance agreements full of get-out clauses or based on restrictive notice periods.

Online data centre news hub The Stack spoke to Leo to find out about Riello UPS’s ground-breaking new guarantee. He explains how our Diamond UPS maintenance contract gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘service level agreement with substance’.

‘4 Cs’ Of Quality UPS Maintenance

The pioneering power protection maintenance plan is the first in the country that not only guarantees a rapid 24-7 emergency response time inside four clock hours, but also commits to fixing the fault within a further eight hours. And if those ambitious targets aren’t met, then Riello UPS will pay compensation to the client. As Leo explains in the piece, it’s about putting control back in the customer’s hands.

And just as the precious gemstone is rated using ‘4 Cs of quality’, the Diamond UPS maintenance plan is built on four similar principles:

  • Clarity: 100% guaranteed response and fix times, no hidden charges
  • Custom: bespoke support tailored to the customer’s needs
  • Competence: all UPS engineers are fully-trained and certified
  • Coverage: 24/7 availability, nationwide stock of spare parts, thermal imaging, replacement fans, remote monitoring

Find out how we’re setting new standards for UPS maintenance by reading the full article over at The Stack website