Electrical Review: Data Centre Moves To Modular Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Riello UPS’s Leo Craig explains why more IT managers are making the move to modular uninterruptible power supplies in Electrical Review’s Data Centre Power Supplement.

Research reveals the global market for modular UPS will top £260 million by 2017. More and more data centres are selecting the solution to help them keep up with growing demands for data.

Interviewed for a special Data Centre Power Supplement in Electrical Review magazine, our Leo Craig explains the benefits of modular uninterruptible power supplies and also covers some key points to bear in mind.electrical review magazine logo square

In a world dominated by interconnectivity and information, data centres underpin our day-to-day lives. But providing such storage and processing throws up a major challenge for managers.

In previous years, data centres installed larger UPSs than necessary to factor in future capacity. This led to inefficiency and energy waste. Instead, modular uninterruptible power supplies are far easier to scale up or down.

Modular UPS Maintenance

Leo then goes on to reveal that modular UPS are slightly easier to maintain than the typical standalone units. This is because any failed modules are hot swappable and can be replaced without compromising the entire system.

ERThe article also touches on the importance of redundancy. With modular UPS, this can be achieved simply by adding in extra power modules. Basically, managers can “pay as they grow”.

Another advantage of modular is the floor space flexibility it offers data centre managers. With footprint at a premium, modular uninterruptible power supplies can expand either horizontally or vertically.

Finally, Leo introduces Riello UPS’s own modular UPS, the Multi Power. Offering a power density of 400 kW/m2, the online UPS can achieve high efficiency of 96.5%. This is even possible carrying loads as low as 20%.

Read the full article in Electrical Review’s Data Centre Power Supplement on pages 16-17