The Manufacturer: How Can Manufacturers Protect Their Power Supply?

Our General Manager Leo Craig speaks to industry publication The Manufacturer about ways UK factories can protect their power supply and avoid downtime.

Just a single unplanned equipment downtime incident can cost a manufacturer around £1.6 million. And with UK productivity amongst the lowest in Europe, it’s crucial we keep the nation’s factories up and running.

Leo shares some tips with readers of the influential magazine about how they can minimise the risk of mechanical failure.

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He explains the importance of a reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS), not just in terms of protection if there’s a power outage, but also to smooth over common power disturbances like sags, surges, and brownouts.

As part of the opinion piece, Leo spells out several sectors which should pay particular attention to their power protection. He highlights pharmaceuticals, as well as steel and brick production.

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