Tech Talk: What Is A UPS Witness Test?

Get a behind the scenes glimpse of the preparations that take place before a comprehensive UPS witness test takes place.

Ever wanted to learn what goes on before a thorough factory witness test for an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system?

Our latest ‘Tech Talk’ video offers you a brief look at our expert technical services team getting ready for action at our purpose-built factory in Wrexham, North Wales.

This particular UPS witness test is for a 30 kVA version of our transformerless Multi Sentry UPS housed inside a bespoke IP54 electrical enclosure. You’ll also see a battery stand containing a single string of Yuasa batteries.

Notice how all the cabinets are a striking yellow – a bespoke touch added especially for the client!

What Is A Factory Witness Test For UPS?

A UPS witness test is a rigorous ‘real world’ test of the power protection system before full site installation. Factory testing checks whether components function properly in a realistic working environment. It also measures performance efficiency in areas such as cooling capacity.

On the whole, UPS witness testing is for larger UPS systems. The manufacturer meets with engineers, specifiers, consultants and key project personnel to make sure the UPS system can withstand the stresses and strains it’ll be placed under when fully operational.

Factory testing can also incorporate load bank testing, which analyses how the UPS and batteries perform under load conditions.

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