Data Centre Solutions (DCS) UK: Making The Data Centre Of Tomorrow

The data centre sector is growing at a rapid rate. But to keep up with increasing demands, the industry needs reliable power and that means one thing – robust data centre UPS maintenance.

The digital technology sector in the UK secured nearly £7 billion investment last year. That’s more than half as much as the next best European country. But this added growth places huge pressures on the data centre sector.

logo for data centre solutions (DCS) magazineIn this feature for DCS (Data Centre Solutions), we highlight the importance of a reliable data centre UPS maintenance regime.

The article advises administrators and operators of the issues they should bear in mind when choosing a maintenance provider.

It also shares the latest trends and technologies being used with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), such as thermal imaging to detect heat-related faults.

In addition, we warn against the risk of human error during data centre UPS maintenance visits. By simply flicking an incorrect switch, an engineer could cost a company dearly. The piece explains simple steps a data centre can take to minimise such threats.

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