Data Centre Solutions (DCS) UK: 4 Ways To Use Your Smart UPS.

Modern uninterruptible power supplies are advanced pieces of machinery. Learn how your smart UPS can do more than just protect against power outages.

As the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) continues apace, it produces a deluge of data requiring storage. Whether it’s robotics or 3D printing, to artificial intelligence, the digitalisation of manufacturing places increased demands on the data centre sector.

logo for data centre solutions (DCS) magazineIn this feature for Data Centre Solutions (DCS) UK magazine, Riello UPS General Manager Leo Craig explores the role of standby power systems on the factory floor.

Obviously, a UPS’s primary role is to provide valuable protection against damaging IT equipment downtime during power disruptions. But as technologies advance, so too are the areas where a UPS system can positively impact.

Leo shares his four key ways to use a smart UPS in a manufacturing environment.

Without spoiling your enjoyment of the full article, these UPS operating modes cover using a UPS to clean up power, to store energy, as a frequency converter, and as a voltage optimiser.

“Therefore, having a well-built power protection solution including high-quality, highly efficient UPS hardware, will be essential to keep manufacturing processes operational, keep your power costs manageable and your data safe.” – Leo Craig, General Manager of Riello UPS

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