Introducing Multi Power (MPW) – The Ultimate Modular UPS

Learn about the new standard-bearer for modular UPS combining flexibility, efficiency, availability, and shareability – the Multi Power from Riello UPS.

Data centres face unprecedented pressures to keep up with society’s spiralling digital demands. Riello UPS is helping meet these needs through constant evolution in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) technology.

Our 3-phase Multi Power (MPW) range sets new standards for modular UPS. These compact yet power-packed modular systems deliver incredible power density (up to 466 KW per m²). But they achieve this at efficiency levels up to 96.5%, ensuring energy consumption is minimised. The MPW can deliver premium performance of more than 95% even when carrying loads as low as 20%.

As well as this energy efficiency, Multi Power modular UPS also offer data centre managers flexibility and scalability. Up to seven 42 KW modules can be housed in a single cabinet, while four cabinets can be paralleled to deliver more than a megawatt of power. So as data centre capacity expands, the modular configuration enables the UPS critical power protection system to grow alongside.

Add in the fact that each MPW module is ‘hot swappable’, so if there’s a fault or component that needs replacing the UPS doesn’t need to power down. And it’s the same for UPS maintenance, the service engineer can go about their task without compromising on performance.

Advanced communications architecture enables the Multi Power to connect with a range of DCIM and BMS systems either through USB or network protocols such as SNMP and RS-485.

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And find out how to synchronise your Multi Power with other external devices such as a generator.

Video Transcript

We live in a true ‘Information Age’, and as the need for data increases so do the number of data centres to supply our ever-increasing digital requirements.

Today, the modern data centre not only has to ensure constant availability but also has other driving factors such as carbon reduction and profitability targets.

This leads data centres to four driving factors: flexibility; efficiency; availability; and shareability.

Riello UPS, one of the world’s largest UPS manufacturers, took these market demands to develop an outstanding product for the modern data centre, by combining innovative design capability and technical expertise to produce the most advanced modular UPS fit for the challenging data centre environment.


To achieve maximum flexibility we have separated the major parts of the UPS into its key component systems to ensure complete modularity: power module, bypass module, battery unit, and connectivity panel.

A stylish range of cabinets house these modules to enable flexibility of installation and service. The main benefit of this feature was to ensure the modules were ‘hot-swappable’, allowing painless scaling up or down or replacing was required without the need to power down and affect the critical IT load.

Multi Power initial installations are easy and painless with top or bottom cable entry, plus air flows like server racks which are front to rear.

Data centres grow so the Multi Power needs to grow with it. With the ability to house seven 42 kilowatt modules in one cabinet and up to four cabinets in parallel delivering over 1 megawatt, giving it one of the highest power densities in the market at an incredible 466 kilowatts per square metre including redundancy.


The power modules utilise the latest advanced technologies, which guarantee full-rated power even with the unity power factor loads without any power downgrading. This is even up to temperatures of 40 degrees.

The Multi Power offers 96.5% system efficiency when operating in online double conversion mode, with an outstanding performance of over 95% whilst operating at 20% mode.

This superior performance ensures extremely low losses at any load level whilst maintaining a truly modular solution for any changing data centre environment in terms of power demands.


Power is nothing without control and the Multi Power delivers this without any compromise. The multi power’s advanced the communication architecture – Multibus – continuously monitors all operational parameters of the power modules and battery units, ensuring the system is tuned to best operating performance in any eventuality.

With the added security of a redundant module, the Multi Power delivers continuous clean and resilient power to your critical load. Information is everything and the Multi Power has a sophisticated and intelligent connectivity panel which allows the data centre manager to clearly see the status of his UPS and allows service engineers to access the system’s maintenance details.

This central connectivity is at the heart of the Multi Power information system but not the controlling brain, as a failure of this element would not affect its operation.

The battery unit also contains dedicated internal protection and sophisticated control systems to monitor the status of each module, which significantly reduces the risk of battery failure by immediately warning the user of any impending issue and for the appropriate preventative actions to be taken.


With a large 7-inch touchscreen display and a wide range of communication options including USB, SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), and RS-485, it’s easy for the Multi Power to share the operational status into the datacentre, DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management), or BMS (Building Management System) systems.

The Multi Power can certainly be placed at the top of its class as one of the most innovative and resilient modular power solutions available in the market today.

Don’t set up a single power and you can have the Multi Power!