Tech Talk: Multi Power (MPW) Synchronisation

Technical Services Manager Jason Yates explains just how easy it is to synchronise the output voltage waveform from our modular Multi Power UPS with external sources such as a third-party UPS or generator.

Jason reveals how a pair of external sync terminals on the back of a Multi Power (MPW) cabinet enable an electrical installer to take Alternative Current supply straight into the MPW from the phase one supply of external source.

All that’s needed is a minor change to the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) unit and the MPW will always be synchronised to the external source, no matter what mode of operation.

Video Transcript

Hi and welcome to this week’s Tech Talk.

A common question that we get asked a lot here at Riello UPS is whether or not we can synchronise the output voltage waveform from our very latest MPW modular UPS system to either a third-party UPS or an alternative AC supply, such as a generator.

Well, the answer is yes and this is very, very simple to achieve. Located on the rear of the MPW UPS cabinet there is a pair of terminals. These terminals are identified as external sync. The external sync terminals effectively allow the electrical installer to take a 230 volt AC supply direct from phase one of the source to which we wish to synchronise, straight into the MPW UPS.

Then with a small configuration change within the MPW, this will force the MPW to always remain synchronised to our alternative source during all modes of operation.

Therefore the waveform from our alternative supply and the waveform from my MPW will always remain perfectly synchronised at all times, and if there are any downstream static switches that can switch load between source A or source B, they can transfer quickly and enable the load to be supported throughout all modes of operation. It is that simple.

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