Networks Europe: Improving UPS Energy Efficiency With Modular Units

We explain to Networks Europe magazine how moving to modular uninterruptible power supplies leads to huge improvements in UPS energy efficiency.

Data centres already use more than 3% of the planet’s electricity. And with the ‘Internet of Things’ increasing demand for storage and processing capacity, those power requirements are only going to get bigger.

Networks Europe magazine logo, white backgroundOur data centre efficiency expert Chris Cutler outlines the rise of modular UPS to Networks Europe magazine. Chris explains how modular UPSs, such as our Multi Power, can produce enhanced UPS energy efficiency.

Until recent years, uninterruptible power supplies tended to be large, static units. Providing the required redundancy often led to oversizing at installation, meaning the equipment wasted vast amounts of energy.

However, compact modular UPS units use transformerless technology and can run at 96% efficiency. That’s even when carrying loads as low as 20-25%. Modular units also more closely match the facility’s power requirements, meaning less chance of unnecessary oversizing. In addition, these modern UPS offer simple scalability and the chance to ‘pay as you grow’.

Chris shares an example of one Riello UPS client who reduced their annual energy bill by more than £335,000 a year. They achieved this by upgrading their old, inefficient static UPS system to Multi Power units. Improving UPS energy efficiency also cut carbon emissions by 72% along with a 59% per m2 reduction in footprint.

Read the full article from page 18 in the May/June issue of Networks Europe magazine