Beaglelandia 2018: Riello UPS Powers World Record Attempt

Our very own ‘power puppy’ Ziggy put his best paws forward to try and help set a new world record at a special event that raised almost £10,000 for charity.

(Click here for an update from January 2019) Riello UPS was delighted to support Beaglelandia, a second attempt to break the largest single breed dog walk official world record.

A grand total of 1,034 beagles plus 2,500 dog-lovers from across the UK descended on Capesthorne Hall near Macclesfield on 22 April to take part in a 1.2 mile (1.9km) walk around the hotel’s grounds.

The fun-packed day also included a dog show. Our General Manager Leo Craig’s beagle Ziggy claimed a third place rosette in the ‘Best in Show’ category.

Leo Craig Riello UPS with beagle Ziggy Beaglelandia beagle world record 2 at Capesthorne Hall
RECORD BREAKERS? Our Leo Craig with Riello UPS’s ‘power puppy’ Ziggy at the start of the Beaglelandia dog walking world record attempt

Most importantly, the Beaglelandia event raised a staggering £9,310.80 for animal welfare charities. The money raised from entrance fees and merchandise is split between Beagle Welfare and Unite to Care.

It will support the rehoming of beagles and other animals which are used in laboratory testing. Two very worthy causes that we are proud to support.

What’s the current world record for the largest single breed dog walk?

The official Guinness World Record for the Largest Dog Walk (Single Breed) is currently held by the Yorkimania event in Mexico. On 9 August 2015, 783 Yorkshire Terriers were involved in the record-breaking walk.

Last year’s initial stab to top the mark, Beagle World Record, saw 887 beagles participate. Unfortunately, the feat wasn’t classed as an official record. Independent adjudicators ruled the method of counting the dogs was insufficient.

After the ‘ruff justice’ of 2017, it’ll be a couple more months before we find out if Beagle World Record 2 is recognised as the new milestone.

We’d like to send huge thanks to everyone who made Beaglelandia such a fun day. In particular, event organisers Sean Parkinson, the Merseyside Beagle Club, and dog-loving community Bauwow.

Check out a couple more videos from the day. First here’s some spectacular drone footage of the walk. And here’s a special ‘Beagle counter’ camera – can you spot all 1,034 waggy-tailed participants?

January 2019: We Did It!

After much eager anticipation, we’ve finally received the good news… With 1,029 verified dogs, we’ve set a brand new official Guinness World Record!  Move over Yorkimania there’s a new champion in town!

Congratulations to Ziggy, Leo, and all the participants. At the second attempt, Beaglelandia sets a new world record!