Riello UPS Supports North Wales Wildlife Trust

With sustainability at its heart, Riello UPS has pledged support to protect local wildlife.

north wales wildlife trust logoWrexham Industrial Estate, where Riello is based, is a key landscape for the rare Grizzled Skipper butterfly in North Wales.

It is one of only around five key areas for the species left in Wales.

As part of its commitment, Riello has signed up as a natural partner of environmental and conservation charity, North Wales Wildlife Trust.

It will work with the trust to deliver grassland conservation measures and undertake the habitat management within the area around Riello’s head office, which is popular with the rare butterfly species.

“Riello UPS is constantly developing solutions that are aimed at increasing power quality, reducing power consumption, increasing efficiency and actively participating in the promotion of sustainability.

“Our social commitment aims to help the present as well as shape a bright future, combining the inevitable need for energy with environmental protection.”

– Debbie Jones from Riello UPS