Data Centre Solutions (DCS): Q&A With Chris Cutler – Looking Ahead To 2021

Our Chris Cutler speaks to DCS magazine about the challenges of 2020 and what the coming year might bring for the data centre industry.

Leading online publication Data Centre Solutions (DCS) speaks to our Business Development Manager and data centre specialist Chris Cutler to hear how we’ve tackled the COVID-19 crisis and what hopes we have for 2021.

Chris’s chat with DCS editor Phil Alsop, similar to a previous interview with our Managing Director Leo Craig, inevitably focuses on the challenges of coronavirus and the impact it’s had on both Riello UPS and the wider industry.

But as well as looking back to 2020, the Chris Cutler Q&A also casts an eye to the future and some of the other issues facing the data centre industry.

The conversation touches on the importance of sustainability and improvements in UPS efficiency, the potential of smart grid-ready UPS solutions, and the need for high power density for edge applications.