Data Centre Solutions (DCS): Q&A With Leo Craig

Our General Manager speaks to DCS magazine to outline the main issues currently facing the datacentre power protection industry.

Data Centre Solutions (DCS) is one of the most widely-read publications in our sector. Leo spoke to their team to tackle everything from Riello UPS new product launches and technological developments, to remote UPS monitoring, enhanced UPS maintenance plans, and our partnership with the Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler Formula E team.

Speaking just a few weeks into 2018, the Q&A covers another memorable year for Riello UPS. Leo talks about the launch of our energy-efficient NextEnergy UPS range and improvements to our modular Multi Power UPS. He also updates readers on the launch of our PowerShield3 communication software and a new version of network card NetMan 204.

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Taking A Stand

Turning to wider technological developments, the Q&A discusses the rise of lithium-ion batteries and their potential in terms of demand side response (DSR). Taking battery advances to the next level, Leo also touches on the concept of foam batteries. While in the short-term only really practical for small items like smartphones or wearables, Leo believes they could be a real “game-changer” in the future.

In a lengthy Q&A covering 20 questions in total, the discussion turns to the current state of the data centre power protection industry. Leo explains how the Riello UPS team are striving to set new standards for the industry.

There are too many get-out clauses and ‘ifs and buts’ in UPS contracts today, particularly maintenance agreements. In our industry there are far too many instances where the contracts actually benefit the supplier more than they do the customer.

It’s unethical, it’s downright wrong, and it’s something we’re taking a stand against.

We truly believe our maintenance plans are quickly becoming the ‘gold standard’ for the sector, giving customers a clear choice of packages with coverage and response times tailored to their own unique needs.”

– Leo Craig, Riello UPS General Manager

Read the in-depth interview with Leo in the March edition of DCS magazine