Mission Critical Power: Unlocking The Potential Of UPS Battery Power

Leo Craig explains how UPS battery power can be unlocked to help the country tackle its impending energy generation crisis.

Even though there’s already 4 gigawatts of power stored in UPS units across the UK, critical power protection systems still remain untapped as a potential source of energy. However, with energy demands set to double by 2050, that situation needs to change.

Mission Critical Power logoOur General Manager Leo Craig is a passionate advocate for using UPS battery power to generate renewable energy. In this interview with Mission Critical Power magazine, he outlines his backing for lithium-ion (Li-ion) UPS batteries. He also explains how they could play a pivotal role as the National Grid moves towards a more demand side response model.

In the lengthy feature, Leo admits that many mission-critical organisations are reluctant to use their UPS and batteries in such a manner. But he hopes that the industry will wake up to their corporate social responsibilities and embrace the opportunities fully.

He calls on UPS manufacturers, aggregators, and consultants to build awareness of the business benefits behind DSR in a way that will boost wider buy-in.

In conclusion, he argues UPS battery power and DSR is an integral element of a modern, flexible energy system.

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