UK Power News (UKPN): Prevention Is Better Than Cure – The Importance Of UPS Maintenance Service

With IT downtime costing at least £5,000 a minute, we explain why robust UPS maintenance service companies are worth their weight in gold.

More businesses than you think experience serious power-related faults or failures. According to Centrica, more than four-fifths of UK organisations have at least one harmful downtime episode a year.

While uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are one of the best defences against such electrical problems, they aren’t infallible. Obviously, a UPS system is in itself a sophisticated piece of machinery. It comprises parts and components that will fail or need swapping out over time.

Riello UPS General Manager Leo Craig talks to UK Power News magazine (UKPN) about why a solid UPS servicing regime is invaluable.

Naturally, prevention is far more effective than taking remedial action. Not only does regular preventive UPS maintenance reduce the risk of downtime, but it also provides several other benefits too.

Improved energy efficiency, so reduced electricity bills. Enhanced system performance and reliability. Better budgeting and informed future-planning. That’s just three obvious advantages.

COMPETENCE IS KEY: Field service engineers undertaking UPS maintenance on your behalf must be up to the job. That’s why all Riello UPS engineers must pass rigorous training before working on your unit

How To Choose The Best UPS Maintenance Service Company

With more than three decades of industry experience, Leo certainly speaks with great expertise. That’s why his warning that ‘all UPS maintenance contracts aren’t made equal’ needs to be heard.

He advises data centre operators and IT managers to due their due diligence.

“Unfortunately, many are riddled with get-out clauses or confusing terms and conditions that actually benefit the service provider rather than the customer.

“Businesses should ask any potential provider several key questions before signing on the dotted line.”

– Leo Craig, General Manager of Riello UPS

According to Leo, three key criteria to seek clarification on are emergency response times, access to spare parts, and whether service engineers are fully-certified.

What does ‘response’ mean is one area in particular that’s open to interpretation. Is it a message acknowledging the problem? Tech support on the phone? Or engineers onsite working to resolve the problem? As you can imagine, there’s a world of difference between those solutions.

The article explains Riello UPS’s unique Diamond UPS maintenance service contract. It’s the first in the UK to promise guaranteed response and fix times. It also highlights our enviable position as the largest stockholder of UPS and parts in the country.

Read more about the importance of UPS maintenance service on page 32 in the March-April edition of UKPN