Worldwide Independent Power: Trio Of UPS Power Supply Range Extensions

Learn about a hat-trick of new UPS power supply product launches.

It’s been a busy start to 2019 at Riello UPS HQ. Several new product launches and updates, plus exciting changes to our industry-leading UPS maintenance and support services.

General Manager Leo Craig explains some of these highlights in the April edition of Worldwide Independent Power (WiP) magazine.

New UPS Power Supply Products

Kicking off the trio of UPS system updates is a 400 kVA version of the NextEnergy (NXE) range.

The extended power model complements the existing 250 kVA and 300 kVA series.

It delivers the same TÜV-certified operational efficiency up to 97% and incorporates a pioneering Efficiency Control System.

All three NXE UPS feature on the government’s Energy Technology List (ETL). This tax relief scheme aims to encourage businesses to invest in ‘best in class’ energy efficient equipment.

Our next UPS power supply upgrade is an expansion of the best-selling Sentinel Dual (SDU). The latest three models (SDU 4000, SDU 8000 TM, and SDU 10000) increase the power range to 4-10 kVA,

A popular choice with IT resellers, the SDU offers versatile installation as a freestanding tower or rack-mounted. Downtime-free maintenance is ensured thanks to hot-swappable batteries.

Rack-mount version of Riello UPS Sentinel Dual (SDU) UPS system
FLEXIBLE FRIEND: The Sentinel Dual (SDU) UPS can be installed either as a freestanding tower or rack-mounted in 19-inch server cabinets

The third and final product update is the introduction of the Sentinel Rack (SER).

These are two rack-mounted versions of the single-phase Sentinel Pro (SER 1500 and SER 3000 ER) uninterruptible power supply.

The pair of new additions sit at just 380mm deep. This makes the SER an ideal option for IT managers wanting to upgrade power in servers with 600mm legacy racks.

Setting New Standards For UPS Services

In addition to the trio of product updates, Leo also touches on changes to our UPS services.

Unquestionably, the most radical of these upgrades is our extended five-year warranty. Introduced at the start of 2019, this pledge covers the entire range of UPS power supplies up to and including 3 kVA.

Compared to other UPS companies, it’s by far and away the longest warranty in the industry.

Typically, other suppliers will only offer two or three-year coverage at the most.

According to Leo, this warranty pledge and Riello UPS’s ground-breaking Diamond UPS maintenance contract are proof the company does things differently.

“It’s this commitment to putting the customer first, combined with our dedication to ongoing product R&D which will underpin our growth in the months and years to come.”

– Leo Craig, Riello UPS General Manager

Find out more on page 30 of the April edition of WiP