The Stack: UPS Maintenance

Our General Manager Leo Craig speaks to data centre news website The Stack and explains the benefits a proactive UPS maintenance approach can bring.

Even the most conservative estimates reveal IT equipment downtime at a data centre can cost at least £5,000 per minute.

With 81% of UK businesses suffering a serious electricity-related failure during the past year, that’s a lot of data centres losing a lot of money!

Logo for The data centre website A robust and reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is a data centre’s best form of defence against such damaging downtime incidents taking place, but even once a UPS has been installed, there’s no room for complacency.

Leo explains that two-thirds of data centre failures could even be prevented in the first place, with poor UPS maintenance one of the primary causes.

Without the necessary precautions in place, it’s quite easy for an engineer to flip an incorrect switch and knock the power out.

wide angle view of a data centre with red warning light on display signalling major fault
CATASTROPHIC COST: IT downtime has a major impact on a business’s bottom line

Why UPS Maintenance Should Be On Your Mind

Readers get to learn the main benefits of proactively maintaining your UPS units, starting with minimising damaging downtime.

Another advantage of a proactive attitude toward UPS maintenance is that systems are likely to perform better.

Well-maintained UPSs use less power to run and waste less energy too. A final plus is the improved budgeting and future planning.

Proactive UPS maintenance can even extend the lifespan of some components by up to 50%.

In addition, the feature also explains the key aspects a UPS maintenance plan for data centres should cover, including emergency response times, annual preventive maintenance visits (PMVs), and spare parts.

Another crucial consideration is the competence of UPS service engineers. It’s vital that the people trusted with working on your precious equipment are fully certified.

Read the full article over at The Stack website to find out why, as far as the health of the nation’s datacentres is concerned, prevention is most definitely better than cure.