How To Improve Data Centre Efficiency

We share practical ways to improve data centre efficiency with a major Europe-wide industry news website.

Microsoft has certainly hit the headlines recently with it’s ‘Project Natick’ initiative. But then dropping a data centre into the sea off the Orkney Islands is bound to make something of a splash!

data centre logoWhile the main reason for doing so is to enhance local connectivity, the cool underwater environment will also likely lead to significant energy savings thanks to massively reduced air conditioning.

Of course, not every data centre operator will have the necessary climate or means to follow in the tech giant’s footsteps. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things they can do to improve data centre efficiency.

Riello UPS General Manager Leo Craig shared some of these top tips with

“For most businesses, taking our IT systems for a dip in the deep blue is not really a viable option.

“There are however a few easy and relatively cheap steps you can make today to reduce energy waste within your data centre.”

– Leo Craig, Riello UPS General Manager

Enhanced Energy Efficiency With Modular UPS

In terms of uninterruptible power supplies, recent moves to modular UPS offer considerable opportunities for efficiency gains. Based on transformerless technology, modular systems such as Riello UPS’s Multi Power waste far less energy. They are also capable of delivering efficiency up to 96% and require significantly less air conditioning.

Modular UPS also offers the additional benefit of scalability. When capacity needs grow, data centre managers simply add in extra power modules.

Another area offering efficiency gains is virtualising servers and storage. Sharing this vital infrastructure saves space and power. But it still maintains segregation between data and operating systems.

Other ideas put forward include turning off unused IT equipment and implementing a containment system for more efficient cooling.

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