Data Centre Management (DCM): DCW 2020 Launch For New & Improved Multi Power

Riello UPS’s extended and enhanced Multi Power range to make its UK debut at DCW 2020.

This year’s Data Centre World marks the official UK launch of our new and improved modular UPS.

Sales Manager Chris Cutler speaks to Data Centre Management (DCM) magazine’s official Data Centre World preview edition about the upgraded product and the importance of UPS efficiency.

Chris begins the piece by tracing the improvement in UPS technology and efficiency. This spans from the traditional transformer-based systems to transformerless UPS.

Now there are modular solutions, which reduce data centre operators’ risk of wasteful oversizing at initial installation.

How Does A Modular UPS Work?

Say a data centre has a 100 kW load and a modular UPS with five 25 kW power modules.

The UPS shares the load across this 125 kW total capacity. And if any of the modules fail, there’s still enough power across the other four to support the load until the broken one is replaced.

In such an N+1 redundant installation, the modular UPS needs just a 20% increase in capacity compared to the full load.

Now if you want to achieve the same N+1 protection with a standalone non-modular solution, you’d need another UPS i.e. 100 kW + 100 kW. That’s a 100% increase in capacity.

Modular uninterruptible power supplies also offer “pay as you grow” scalability. So when power needs grow, operators simply plug in more modules or add extra cabinets as required.

Another advantage is that each power module is hot-swappable. This ensures interruption-free maintenance during service visits.

The New Multi Power At DCW 2020

Chris goes on to explain more about the new Multi Power and its launch at DCW 2020 (March 11-12). The range is expanded with two new power modules – 15 and 25 kW, both 2U in height – to complement the best-selling 42 kW option.

In addition, there’s a new compact cabinet (MPX) designed to house the new modules. It measures just 60 cm wide by 120 cm high, a minimal footprint that makes it an ideal choice for smaller data centres.

Both the new power modules and the MPX cabinet will be making an appearance on Riello UPS’s stand D920 at the upcoming show.

NEW ADDITION: The new MPX compact cabinet will make its debut at DCW 2020

Energy Saving Mode

Chris’s article concludes with an overview of the efficiency savings modular UPS deliver data centres. The Multi Power has efficiency of 96.5% in online mode.

But there’s a special operating mode that ensures high efficiency of 95% and above even at low loads of 20-25%.

Energy Saving Mode keeps the UPS in maximum protection online mode. But the Multi Power’s advanced microprocessors only activate as many power modules as needed to support the load.

All other modules remain idle and can stay in this energy-saving state for up to 15 hours. After that, it swaps with one of the active modules. This helps the modules to age at roughly the same rate.

And if there’s a disruption to the mains, all inactive modules restart immediately. This also happens if there’s a fault with any of the modules or there’s a sudden load increase.