Electrical Review: DCW Debut For Multi Power MPX

We explain the efficiency benefits of modular UPS systems ahead of the official UK launch of our new and improved Multi Power MPX.

Data Centre World is always one of the events we most eagerly anticipate here at Riello UPS. This year’s show on 11-12 March is that little bit extra special though.

That’s because it’ll be the first opportunity we’ll get to show off our expanded Multi Power range of modular uninterruptible power supplies. In particular, it’s the big debut of our new MPX 15 and 25 kW power modules and compact 60 cm-wide cabinet to house them in.

Ahead of this year’s DCW, our Sales Manager Chris Cutler explains the evolution of modern UPS systems to Electrical Review in an era where energy efficiency is as important as availability.

Exploring The Efficiency Gains

Chris charts the huge efficiency improvements made over recent decades. Huge, monolithic and transformer-based UPS systems have been slowly phased out in favour of transformerless alternatives that require far less air conditioning.

He explains how modular solutions came next, offering flexibility far beyond previous generations of UPS.

The principle of modularity enables a system to be sized to mirror the actual power requirements. This reduces the risk of wasteful oversizing.

But when circumstances change, modular offers the simple scalability to “pay as you grow” by installing extra power modules or cabinets in parallel.

MEET THE MULTI POWER: (from left) compact cabinet, standard cabinet, battery cabinet, MPX combo cabinet (15 / 25 kW modules) & MPW combo cabinet (42 kW modules)

MPX Making Its Mark

It’s these benefits, plus many more, that the MPX and wider Multi Power range offer data centre operators. The series delivers 96.5% efficiency in online double conversion mode.

While it incorporates a dedicated Energy Saving Mode that ensures high efficiency of 95% and above even at loads as low as 20%. This minimises wasted energy across all load levels by only activating the number of power modules necessary to support the load. All other modules remain idle.

Other advantages of the Multi Power include hot-swappable modules, which guarantees downtime-free maintenance, plus speed-controlled fans that automatically adjust depending on the load to save energy.