Government Business: Minimising Public Sector Downtime

What do public sector organisations need to consider when they’re looking for a UPS maintenance provider? We share our top tips with Government Business magazine.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are the ultimate insurance for public sector organisations such as councils or central government departments. A reliable electricity supply is crucial for almost all aspects of public service.

Government Business Magazine logoPublic sector bodies have robust plans in place to minimise the risk of damaging downtime.

A UPS is a key part of those risk management strategies. But no safeguard is ever 100% infallible, especially complex electrical equipment like a UPS.

We explain to Government Business magazine how proactive, preventive UPS maintenance can reduce the risk of system failure and promote uptime. Good upkeep can even extend the lifespan of many UPS components by up to 50%.

close-up of the mesh covers on a UPS fan
MAINTENANCE MATTERS: Enhanced efficiency, improved performance, longer life – just a few reasons to take a proactive approach when it comes to maintaining a UPS system

Key Questions To Ask Your UPS Maintenance Provider

However, not all UPS maintenance agreements or contracts are the same. So we outline some of the key questions public sector facilities managers and procurement departments need to ask before they sign on the dotted line.

What’s the emergency response time, and what does a ‘response’ even mean?

Are the UPS engineers working on your unit fully competent and trained?

How quickly will spare parts arrive in an emergency?

Is cloud-based remote monitoring similar to our Riello Connect service available?

Those are just a few of the essential points that need to be established before agreeing to any UPS maintenance contract.

An essential read for facilities and IT managers across the public sector, whether they’re responsible for schools, social housing, waste management, emergency services or more.

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