Mission Critical Power: Getting The Best Out Of Your UPS

Riello UPS General Manager Leo Craig reveals his top 5 tips to get the most out of maintenance for UPS systems.

Voltage disturbances cause nearly half (45%) of all IT equipment failures. That statistic alone outlines the importance of a dependable uninterruptible power supply. But a UPS is a complex piece of equipment and its performance is only as good as its upkeep.

Mission Critical Power logoOur General Manager Leo Craig speaks with Mission Critical Power magazine about the importance of rigorous maintenance for UPS units.

The interview, which is the cover story of the influential publication’s October edition, offers advice on how to choose the best maintenance plan.

Part of the piece shares Leo’s 5 top tips to select the right supplier:

  1. Do your research – whether it be a trusted manufacturer or an approved third-party supplier, reputation is key. Make sure they’re fully trained – there’s no room for error when it comes to repairs and getting back up and running as quickly as possible, so make sure to check that whoever maintains your equipment is fully trained.
  2. Get the right cover for you – when agreeing to a plan, make sure you know what it covers. Most will include regular preventative engineer visits, firmware updates and fully comprehensive cover as standard, in addition to remote monitoring and diagnosis, but always check the terms and conditions.
  3. Consider provision for spares – your provider should have a complete spare parts store as well as ex-stock holding of their current range of UPS products.
  4. Get the timing right – make sure to check out the guaranteed response times of your maintenance plan, as well as the ‘fix times’ in your contract. It’s all very well for an engineer to respond within a stated time, but it may not be fixed for another week.
  5. Get the right product for the right space – The flexible nature and ability to scale power up and down to suit the load means that businesses can pick a UPS which ‘grows’ with the demands of the business. The approach of rightsizing a UPS makes it possible to invest only in the functionality required for the current load requirement, minimising up-front costs for capital equipment and maximising efficiency.

Turn to page 14 of October’s Mission Critical Power to read the full feature (click here)