Future Banking: Power Protection For Banks & Financial Services

With financial services increasingly dependent on data centres, we highlight the importance of dependable critical power protection for banks.

Banking and finance are hugely dependent on data centres and cloud storage, as more and more customers shift to dealing with their money online or on their smartphones. But all that data depends on continuous power to keep the servers up and running at all times.

future banking magazine logoRiello UPS General Manager speaks with global financial services magazine Future Banking about the increasingly vital role uninterruptible power supplies have in providing power protection for banks.

Leo explains the company’s ongoing growth. Thanks to its dedicated manufacturing hub in Italy, it offers a complete range of UPS systems.

He goes on to describe the current shift away from the traditional cashier service at the local branch, to modern interconnected banking.

“With a great deal of banking now being facilitated through apps, mobile phones and online, financial institutions need to guarantee a high uptime for their servers.

“If you’re a financial institution or any other blue-chip organisation that relies heavily upon data, your priorities have to lie in protecting it.”

– Leo Craig, General Manager of Riello UPS

The wide-ranging interview explores the improved energy efficiency that modern UPSs are capable of achieving. It also highlights how essential regular preventive UPS maintenance is. Unlike other manufacturers, Riello UPS units are open protocol. This means any trained and competent UPS engineer can service or repair them.

In addition, Leo predicts that financial services will become increasingly reliant on cloud storage. This throws up several challenges in terms of delivering ongoing power protection for banks.

“Lots of companies are migrating to the cloud and in so doing they share the same worries.

“They’re worried about basic data protection, but also whether due diligence can be done on the third-party suppliers of the cloud facilities.

“You can have a data centre with all the servers that can supply the amount of data needed. But have they got the right UPSs there?”

– Leo Craig

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