Case Study: Cyberfort Data Centre Makes Move To Multi Sentry

Multi Sentry’s efficiency and compact footprint make it the ideal solution to back up the Cyberfort data centre.

Operating since 1994, Cyberfort offers the highest level of protection for companies’ business-critical data and applications with military grade security.

Housed in a former Ministry of Defence nuclear bunker in Kent and thanks to a unique underground design and ultra-secure location, its cloud hosting data centre (previously known as ‘The Bunker’) can offer clients enough protection to literally withstand any army.

When its existing power protection setup consisting of six 80 kVA UPS was approaching its end of service life, a more efficient solution was required.

Authorised Riello UPS reseller Specialist Power Supplies has worked with Cyberfort since 2008, looking after the UPS systems at its sites in Kent and Newbury.

They were tasked with specifying a replacement solution but would need to overcome several key issues. Because of the data centre’s underground location, access would be tricky with only a relatively small opening available to move equipment into place. While each item couldn’t exceed the maximum 1,000 kg lifting beam rating.

Move To Multi Sentry

Riello UPS’s transformer-free Multi Sentry (MST) range proved the optimum solution thanks to its combination of high efficiency (up to 96.5%) and compact footprint.

Specialist Power Systems specified a replacement comprising four 100 kVA MSTs connected in parallel to deliver 300 kVA N+1 redundancy.

With such a complex installation environment, the UPS replacement was staggered across a year with substantial electrical works required, including setting up new electrical supplies and running new cabling and infrastructure more than 100 metres from a pair of substations.

But the new Multi Sentry installation is already proving its worth, with its improved UPS efficiency likely to reduce the data centre’s energy costs by around £32,000 a year.

“I think this was a unique project that really tested our engineers and installation team due to the difficult surroundings of the site, so to bring this project in budget and ahead of schedule was a credit to the teamwork needed.”

– Adam Baverstock, Sales Director for Specialist Power Systems