DCS UK Feature: The Impact Of The Power Plant

DCSUK talks to  Leo Craig, Managing Director of Riello UPS about recent developments at the company and some of the industry issues that are already having an impact on the way power plant is being designed and used across the data centre industry.

1.     Recently, Riello introduced the Netman 204 firmware rev 2.03 – what’s new?

The upgraded firmware in the Netman 204 communications card now gives more interaction between the Riello UPS product and the user. We have redesigned the web interface, and the same network card is now upgraded to use on our new Multi Power Modular UPS as well as all ranges within the Riello UPS family. There is also an improved setup wizard to add extra environmental sensors and contacts that can be monitored as well as the UPS.

2.     And can you tell us a little bit about Riello’s new Riello UPS Hub?

The Riello Hub is a new platform we have developed to offer customers, resellers, consultants and Riello certified engineers a one-stop shop of all information about products and services. This includes content tailored to specific customer news such as data sheets, drawings, stock availability, order progress, firmware updates, training videos, price lists, and much more. In essence, it’s about making life easier for all our clients so that they can find all relevant information in one place. 

3.     And the company recently opened a new subsidiary where was that?

Riello UPS, part of the Riello Elettronica group, is proud to announce the opening of Riello UPS America. Riello UPS America will take care of marketing, engineering, pre and post-sales of Riello UPS products, particularly those with UL certification, for field applications such as Data Centers, Automation, Medical / Hospitals and for all applications where continuous and reliable power quality is essential. 

4.     Looking ahead, what can we expect from Riello’s Sentinel product line over the next 12 to 18 months?

At Riello, we continuously look to improve our range, and we listen to our clients and what they ask for, so in the coming months we will be upgrading some of the range to introduce unity power factor and a paralleling capability, so that multiple units can be paralleled together to increase capacity or add redundancy.

5.     And what about the Multi product line – any developments here?

We have recently increased the Multi Power modular range with the Multi Power Combo which offers 126KVA of redundant power and batteries in one single rack. Soon, there will also be another addition to the range, but I am keeping that under wraps at the moment, but as they say – watch this space over the coming weeks!

6.     And then there’s the Master product line?

On our large UPS ranges we will have some very exciting new products on the horizon, which we hope to launch in the Autumn, but again I really cannot say much yet.

7.     And your Solutions offering?

Our solutions offerings are as strong as ever, encompassing best practice in Resilience, Efficiency and Total cost of Ownership (TCO), which is no mean feat. The combination of high efficient modular products and being the only major UPS manufacturer to use open protocol means we really can achieve the best power solutions for our clients.

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