Technology Networks: UPS For Scientific Equipment

Learn how our Multi Sentry proved the perfect UPS for scientific equipment at Diamond Light Source, the UK’s version of the famous Large Hadron Collider.

Scientific research impacts all aspects of our daily lives. Whether it’s helping to cure diseases or developing innovative new technologies, it’s ubiquitous.

technology networks website logoWith such sensitive machinery and equipment, and fluctuations or disruptions to the electricity supply can prove disastrous. Ground-breaking research can be lost. Valuable time wasted. It’s why employing a reliable UPS for scientific equipment can prove all the difference.

Technology Networks, the leading portal used by more than 300,000 scientists, explores how our Multi Sentry uninterruptible power supply is providing critical power protection to one of the country’s most important research facilities.

Located in Oxfordshire, Diamond Light Source is the UK’s national synchrotron base. It’s home to particle accelerator that measures half a kilometre in circumference. This massive microscope transmits electrons to near light speeds, so they produce light 10 billion times brighter than the sun.

The beams this creates enable scientists to analyse subject matter down to the levels of atoms and molecules. To achieve the precision required, each of the 31 ‘beamlines’ must be calibrated several times.

Even the slightest fluctuation to mains supply means the process must start from scratch. This can take up to a fortnight, causing unnecessary delays in essential research.

Choosing A UPS For Scientific Equipment

With downtime not an option, the facility wished to upgrade their system with a more robust UPS for scientific equipment. The efficiency and reliability of the Multi Sentry made it the ideal solution.

Delivering exceptional online double-conversion performance in a compact footprint, it is also open protocol compatible, making it easier for staff to continuously monitor loads and battery autonomy.

More than 40 Multi Sentry units are on-site is a parallel redundant configuration to ensure complete protection against failure. Installation of the upgraded uninterruptible power supply system was complete three months earlier than the predicted six months, saving significant time and cost for the laboratory.

“In recent years, UPS failure has been a real issue for us and has had a knock-on effect with the laboratories and scientists we work with.

“However, with the new UPS installation, we have had total confidence from start to finish and also feel we have an added level of protection with the ongoing maintenance support.

“We also use associated monitoring software to enable us to view the status of the units at all times.”

– Andy Reed, Head of Electrical Facilities for Diamond Light Source

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