Protecting Ireland’s telecoms infrastructure with Riello UPS

Leading UPS manufacturer Riello has provided power protection equipment as part of a €6.7m project for Irish telecoms giant eir. 

The plan for the telecoms business included consolidating five operational and enterprise data centres into two and eir needed power protection for one of these sites outside Dublin.

The Blanchardstown site was already home to eir’s telephone exchange, television service and a legacy data centre and the new 3,000 sq ft data centre was built within old office space at this site.

Owen Wynne, contracts manager at eir, said: “We needed a power solution for a highly critical environment to support our core business functions including management information systems and general business enterprise but also covering customer care, TV services and other business critical services.

“For us, this data centre was about future readying ourselves to allow for the company’s growth over the next five or six years. Resilient power was a key driver for this project – even though we built two power plants, they’re only as good as the UPS protecting them.”

Pure Power Systems is the Irish distributor of Riello UPS equipment and was appointed to provide the solution for eir’s backup power requirements in the data centre, which was to provide 850 kW of IT load.

The €573,000 project featured eight Riello Master High Efficiency 400 kVA standalone units configured in a ‘2N’ system with four UPS’ on each side. It also included five strings of batteries per UPS, with a total of 1,680 batteries.

Ian Jackson, managing director of Pure Power Systems, which has been exclusively selling Riello UPS in Ireland since 2004, said: “The three major driving factors in this project were to ensure resiliency, efficiency and maintainability, whilst we had a very small footprint to work with in respect of the room layout of both the UPS and batteries. Our comprehensive solution ensured this highly critical environment had the required level of availability and redundancy.”

Pure Power Systems selected the Riello Master HE, a product known for its premium protection, power quality and green energy.

Owen added: “The Riello product gave us the necessary resilience and allowed us flexibility in how we use it. We can tap into this power resource and grow according to the business needs because it is a modular design data centre. Every piece of redundancy we can think of has also been put in but in such a way that it has been optimised.”

Ian added: “The Riello systems are very well designed with a user friendly parallel hardware/control system which makes the job of commissioning the UPS somewhat easier as we can trust this tested design when doing our on-site testing.”

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