Riello UPS’s Top 10 Most Popular Posts Of 2018

As we say farewell to another year, which articles have powered to the top of our most-read chart? Check out the Top 10 posts of 2018!

It’s been another fantastic 12 months at Riello UPS. Awards wins, some amazing case studies, and plenty of interesting content from the world of uninterruptible power supplies.

As we come towards the end of the year, we thought it was time to look back at what’s been capturing your attention over 2018.

With more than 150 blog articles on this site in total, and 60+ new posts this year alone, it’s fair to say you’ve plenty of choice! Whether it’s technical videos explaining the ins and outs of UPS, coverage of our charitable exploits, or in-depth opinion pieces sharing our thoughts on the industry, we’ve offered you a wide range of news and views.

And how you’ve responded! Website traffic continues to hit record highs, both in terms of the number of you visiting and how long you stay on site reading our content.

We’ve crunched the numbers and the verdict is in. So without further ado, here are the posts that have you have powered into our Top 10 of 2018!

Top 10 most read blog posts for Riello UPS in 2018
CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN: Which of our articles will claim the number 1 spot?

10: How A Datacentre Cut Energy Bills By £335,000

This article highlights how the improved energy efficiency offered by modular UPS can deliver significant economic and environmental savings.

The piece for data centre news website The Stack focuses on our DCS Awards 2018-winning project, where upgrading to our Multi Power uninterruptible power supplies produced stunning results:

  • Average UPS efficiency up from 92% to 96%
  • Air conditioning costs cut by £226,000 a year
  • Reduced annual electricity bills by more than £335,000
  • Saved around 1.25 kWh of electricity, enough to power 316 average homes
  • Slashed carbon emissions by nearly 72%
Chris Cutler Riello UPS quote old, inefficient UPS is literally wasting your data centre's money
BIG SAVINGS: The economic & environmental benefits of modular UPS like our Multi Power (MPW) have been a recurring theme for us this year

9: The Issue Of Data Centre Energy Consumption

Back in May, we were front cover stars for Electrical Times magazine. We explore how a UPS has the potential to be something of a hidden money maker, with improvements in technology and efficiency enabling reliable critical power protection to be delivered with reduced energy consumption.

Our in-depth feature explains the benefits of modular UPS, particularly the in-built scalability that allows IT managers to ‘pay as they grow’ with additional power modules.

8: Putting Scientific UPS Under The Microscope

Next up, it’s the August edition of Mission Critical Power magazine. The magazine explores our work with Diamond Light Source, the UK’s national synchrotron particle accelerator.

In essence the country’s version of the world-famous Large Hadron Collider, the scientific research lab is home to a massive microscope. Half a kilometre in circumference, this ground-breaking equipment produces intense light beams used for vital research.

In such an environment any downtime is disastrous. The lab has upgraded its power protection system to more than 40 of our reliable Multi Sentry UPS. Indeed, the new system was installed in less than half the anticipated timescale.

close up of microscope being used at research laboratory Diamond Light Source
IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Our UPS systems protect the power that helps synchrotron centre Diamond Light Source with their vital scientific research

7: Riello UPS Powers World Record Attempt At Beaglelandia 2018

The exploits of our very own ‘power pup’ Ziggy come next. Back in May, our General Manager Leo Craig and his beloved beagle took part in a second attempt to break the official world record for the largest single breed dog walk.

Leo and Ziggy joined more than 1,000 beagles and 2,500 dog-lovers for Beaglelandia 2018 at Capesthorne Hall in Macclesfield. This second annual attempt to set a new record raised £9,300 for charity too.

6: The 6 Key Questions To Ask Your UPS Maintenance Provider

A robust preventive UPS maintenance regime is critical to ensuring uninterruptible power supplies work when you need the most. But sadly, not all maintenance providers are the same.

In this opinion piece for The Stack, Leo Craig explains why data centre operators need to do their due diligence. Getting the best UPS maintenance supplier can mean all the difference when downtime strikes.

He outlines the top questions IT managers should ask their maintenance and service providers. Clarity over emergency response times and whether service engineers are fully-certified are just two of the topics covered.

Leo Craig Riello UPS asking what an emergency response time is
DUE DILIGENCE: Find out why all UPS maintenance providers aren’t made equal

5: UPS Basics: Different UPS Operating Modes

Into the top five and our first video of the countdown. Our ‘UPS Basics’ animations are always popular, explaining key UPS terms in an easy-to-understand way.

This particular instalment focuses on the many different operating modes a modern UPS has. It describes each of the various modes such as online, voltage stabilisation, and smart active. While it also explains when each mode should be used.

4: Tech Talk: What Is A UPS Witness Test?

Our ‘Tech Talk’ videos explore some of the more technical aspects of uninterruptible power supply systems. This particular episode takes a behind the scenes look at a UPS witness test.

It shows our technical services team preparing to undertake a factory test for a 30 kVA Multi Sentry at our HQ.

3: The Rise Of Modular UPS Efficiency

We go all the way back to March for our third most popular post. Leo Craig speaks to Data Centre Review magazine about two key topics – energy efficiency and UPS maintenance.

He examines the rise of modular UPS systems as a means to deliver high performance with minimal energy waste.

The article also explores crucial aspects of a robust preventive maintenance regime, including the benefits of remote monitoring. In addition, Leo highlights what an engineer should cover in a thorough preventive maintenance visit (PMV).

Leo Craig Riello UPS quote ongoing maintenance and service keeps UPS operating at peak performance
PREVENTION BETTER THAN CURE: Why robust UPS maintenance should be on all data centre operators’ and IT Managers’ minds

2: Tech Talk: UPS Bypass Synchronisation

Taking the runners-up spot in our most-read of 2018 is another ‘Tech Talk’ video. This film sees our Technical Services Manager Jason Yates explore the role of a static bypass.

Jason explains the different scenarios where a UPS may transfer to bypass, such as inverter failure. He then goes on to highlight why bypass synchronisation is absolutely crucial to enable no break power transfer.

Well worth a watch!

1: Riello UPS Wins At DCS Awards 2018

The waiting is over… And our most popular post this year celebrates our triumph at May’s DCS Awards 2018!

We took home the Data Centre Energy Efficiency Project of the Year prize after winning a public vote against three other finalists.

Our entry focused on a partnership project with The Roseberry Group that cut a client’s annual electricity bill by more than £335,000. Upgrading to our Multi Power modular UPS also reduced air conditioning, improved overall efficiency, and slashed CO2 emissions by 72%.

This victory was the third year in a row where we’ve won at the DCS Awards.

Chris Cutler from Riello UPS with Data Centre Energy Efficiency Project of the Year trophy at DCS Awards 2018
TOP OF THE TREE: Our triumph at the DCS Awards 2018 was a hit with readers too!

So there are your most-read blog posts of 2018. Have we missed any out? What were your favourite posts? And what topics would you like to see us cover next year?

Let us know in the comments or via social media. Thank you for reading in 2018, and we’ll be back with more fantastic content in 2019!