Data Centre Review: The Rise Of Modular UPS Efficiency

Learn how the power protection industry is embracing modular UPS efficiency and why maintenance still matters.

Modular uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) offer a wide range of benefits. Modern units such as our Multi Power can operate at 96% efficiency even at low loads. The risk of oversizing during initial installation is minimal thanks to configuring the number of modules to match the power requirements.

Data Centre Review Magazine logoWe speak to the influential Data Centre Review (DCR) magazine to outline why more operators are moving to modular.

The feature reveals that the global demand for modular units will grow twice as fast as the traditional UPS market.

What Can Go Wrong During UPS Maintenance?

However, the many advantages of modular UPS efficiency could be scuppered without a robust preventive maintenance regime.

In the article, we highlight how human error by service engineers is the chief cause of problems during maintenance. We also outline some of the steps that can be taken to prevent such errors taking place, such as incorporating castel interlocks into the initial system design. This reduces the risk of switches being thrown incorrectly.

Unlike many ups maintenance providers, the article shares that Riello UPS includes thermal imaging as standard during all preventive maintenance visits (PMVs). This technology is far better at detecting heat-related faults than the human hand or eye ever will.

Readers are also advised to always check the small-print of their UPS maintenance contracts. That advice stands whether they have a modular UPS or standalone unit.

Caution should be applied wherever maintenance contracts seem too good to be true.

Can a two-hour response really be guaranteed, for instance?

Anyone who drives on the M25 might question this!”

Another area covered by the interview is remote UPS monitoring. This is an invaluable service that can help flag up potential problems before they can develop into more serious issues.

Read the full article explaining the benefits of preventive maintenance and modular UPS efficiency on pages 10-11