UK Power News: New & Improved NextEnergy Under The Spotlight

Our upgraded NextEnergy (NXE) range features in a special article highlighting the benefits of smart grid-ready UPS power supplies.

June’s edition of UK Power News magazine includes a double-page spread showcasing some of the recent developments here at Riello UPS.

One such area is our new and improved super-efficient NXE series. Early this year we extended the product with a 400 kVA version, which complimented the original 300 kVA model and an upgraded 250 kVA unit which has a 33% more compact footprint than the previous type.

Capable of operating efficiency up to 97%, the three-phase NextEnergy delivers unity power. It is easily parallelable (up to eight units) and comes with a range of energy saving features. These include load-controlled fans and an Efficiency Control System that minimises waste at partial loads.

In addition to covering the NXE, the article also takes a look at the extended Sentinel Dual (SDU) range. The flexible UPS can be installed as a freestanding tower or rack-mounted. It’s been bolstered by three fantastic new models to increase the series’ overall power range to 4-10 kVA.

Smart Grid UPS Makes Common Sense

Products weren’t the only aspect of our work the magazine was interested in though.

We explained the modern trend for uninterruptible power supplies to be capable of demand side response (DSR) battery storage.

As we move into an era of smart grids, this opens up the possibility for UPS systems to play a key role in balancing the electricity network.

Smart grid-ready UPS, such as the NXE, can deploy lithium-ion batteries that can store energy, with potential to feed back into National Grid.

Read the article on pages 22-23 in June’s UK Power News