Electrical Review: Discover Diamond The Jewel In Our Maintenance Crown

We explain how our premium Diamond plan is setting new standards for UPS maintenance.

Preventive UPS maintenance is proven to enhance the performance, efficiency, and lifespan of your standby power systems.

It goes above and beyond the ‘best endeavours’ response of a warranty. That’s why most mission-critical facilities, such as data centres and hospitals, opt for the peace of mind of ongoing maintenance agreement.

Such a contract spells out Emergency Response Times in black and white. It also sets out whether the cost of replacement parts like fans are included or not.

But as we explain to Electrical Review magazine, not all contracts are created equally. Too many UPS maintenance providers hide behind confusing terminology, with their agreements riddled with caveats and get-out clauses.

Riello UPS does things differently, however. Our service level agreements (SLA) come backed by substance – what you are promised is what you’ll get.

There’s no greater example than our pioneering Diamond UPS maintenance plan. Not only does this premium coverage commit to a rapid 4 hour clock response Emergency Response Time if there’s an issue with the UPS. It pledges us to fix the fault within a further 8 hours, no ifs, no buts.

Our double-page feature also highlights the key questions facilities managers or data centre operators should ask prospective maintenance providers.

As well as Emergency Response Times, other areas requiring clarity include access to spare parts, will parts and labour incur additional cost, and what training service engineers have.