CloudTech: How Much Energy Is Your IT System Wasting?

Improving data centre IT efficiency doesn’t just make environmental sense, it’s an economic essential too. We outline some steps that will cut energy waste in your server room.

The Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) states that data centres consume around 3% of the world’s total electricity. They also generate 2% of global carbon emissions. That’s the equivalent of the entire airline industry.

Demands for data are only going to get greater with the rise of the ‘Internet of Things’ and Industry 4.0 driving an era of interconnected devices. As a consequence, administrators can’t simply afford to ignore data centre IT efficiency.

We speak to leading data centre and IT news portal CloudTech to highlight a few areas where energy waste can be cut.

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Cutting Energy Waste In Your Data Centre

Our top tip for going green is upgrading a data centre’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. The development of modern, modular UPS ensures that a facility’s power protection system now becomes part of the efficiency solution rather than the problem.

Modular UPS units such as Riello UPS’s Multi Power use transformerless technology and operate at higher efficiency levels than larger, static, transformer-based models. Another advantage of modular is it minimises the risk of oversizing during initial installation. Data centre managers have the scalability to simply ‘pay as they grow’ as and when the need arises.

In addition to upgrading UPS units, our opinion piece identifies three other areas for improvement. Firstly, maximising the potential to virtualise servers and storage. Secondly, ensure all idle IT equipment is turned off. Did you know servers tend to only be around 5-15% utilised?

Our final recommendation focuses on computer room air conditioning units (CRAC). Obviously, excess heat is one of the primary causes of electricity use – and waste – in the data centre. Using a containment system can improve the overall efficiency of the cooling approach.

For more tips to improve data centre IT efficiency, read the full article at the CloudTech website