Data Centre Alliance (DCA): Is Data Centre Battery Storage The Answer To Our Power Problems?

We explain how data centre battery storage has a pivotal part to play in balancing the nation’s future electricity needs.

It’s clear that data centre operators have certain reservations about the benefits of energy storage and harnessing the power of their UPS system batteries.

data centre alliance trade association logoThe reasons are obvious: placing additional stress on their critical power protection; the rewards don’t outweigh the risks; a general lack of knowledge and understanding.

However, each of these arguments has a robust counter-argument.

And our General Manager Leo Craig was very happy to make the case as part of the Data Centre Alliance’s latest expert panel.

close up of blue network cables plugged into the back of data centre server racks
TIME FOR CHANGE: Data centres are energy-intensive operations that need to make moves to reduce the considerable amounts of power they require to run

What Does Data Centre Battery Storage Involve?

Writing for the winter edition of industry outlet Data Centre Management (DCM), he spells out the increasing availability of lithium-ion UPS batteries.

Compared to the more traditional sealed lead acid batteries found in UPS systems, Li-ion offers several advantages.

These include longer lifespan, less space and weight, and faster recharge.

This makes them ideal for participating in battery storage without compromising on a UPS system’s primary role of emergency backup.

Leo outlines some of the possibilities of combining on-site power generation with battery storage offer.

Leo Craig Riello UPS explains there's a risk we'll run out of power unless we embrace battery storage
STARK WARNING: Data centres must change their mindset or else

Whether it’s demand side response, which helps balance the main electricity network or breaking away from the National Grid completely by going off grid, the opportunities are growing.

With data centres set to use a fifth of the world’s energy midway through the next decade, the sector can’t afford to ignore ways to improve efficiency and lower its reliance on the mains supply.

Barriers to participating in UPS battery storage are being broken down. So data centre operators are left with little option but to join the energy revolution.

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