Electrical Review: Maintenance Visits And Importance Of Certified Engineers

We outline the ABCs of a PMV and underline the importance that any maintenance visit is conducted by trained and competent certified engineers.

Our latest editorial feature in Electrical Review magazine focuses on the benefits of preventive maintenance. A UPS system is a sizeable investment costing anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of pounds.

Whatever the installation environment, it’s crucial you get the most out of such an expensive asset. That’s why proactive maintenance is crucial to reduce the risk of failure and optimise operating performance.

Many mission-critical sites, such as a data centre, will opt for the safety net of an ongoing UPS maintenance contract. Others may prefer a more ad-hoc approach. But whatever the circumstances, we stress why a regular service visit is a must.

While many will naturally opt for the manufacturer to carry out a Preventive Maintenance Visit (PMV), third-party maintenance providers are an option too.

We stress it’s not who the engineer works for, it’s their competence that’s key. That’s the rationale behind the Riello UPS Certified Engineer Programme.

It’s available for our in-house engineers, plus personnel from authorised service partners too. The rigorous training programme covers commissioning, maintaining, and servicing specific UPS systems from the Riello UPS range.

Certified engineers who successfully complete the scheme get a unique ID, which they use to prove their competence, plus access to the latest official firmware update and manufacturer-approved spare parts.

It demonstrates they have the know-how and practical experience of working on our units. In turn, this gives a data centre operator or facilities manager the confidence their UPS is in safe hands.

Benefits Of Preventive Maintenance Visits

The article goes on to explain the ins and outs of a PMV, from the initial physical and electrical checks through to carrying out functional tests and installing firmware updates.

A final task for the service engineers is to complete a full service report, including a list of advisory actions such as whether any parts or components might need replacing.

If the UPS’s fans and capacitors are approaching their end of service life, it may be beneficial to carry out a UPS Overhaul, which replaces these key components with new ones.

We explain how such a step can extend the overall lifespan of the UPS system, while also eking out enhanced performance and efficiency.