Network Communication News: Interview With Riello UPS Reseller PSE Power

Padraig Smith, Managing Director of PSE Power, the Riello UPS reseller, talks to Network Communication News about what a typical day looks like and what made him pursue a career in UPS…

Hi Padraig, what are you up to today?Padraig WP

Doing my job as Managing Director of PSE Power, which includes attending internal meetings as well as customer meetings and visits, and driving the sales & business development. In the evening I spend time with my wife and four daughters aged from three to eight.

How and why did you pursue a career in the Data/Comms industry?

PSE Power was established by my father 33 years ago and was involved in UPS from very early on. So I felt comfortable entering the business having grown up alongside the technology of UPS systems.

What project/work achievement are you most proud of in your career and why? 

Developing and growing the business in recent years and also partnering with Riello UPS, who we have admired from afar for many years.

Of course, but what’s the worst thing (outside of your control) that has ever gone wrong on a work project?

Having a customer go out of business mid-project with all the kit delivered.

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