Wholesaler & Electrical Distributor: Power Protection – A Dark Art?

We argue why electricians and distributors shouldn’t see critical power protection as some sort of “dark art”.

The 3,000+ members of the Electrical Contractors’ Association have a collective annual turnover of more than £6 billion. While electrical contracting as a whole has grown by 25% since 2012. It’s worth more than £18 billion a year.

wholesaler & electrical distributor magazine logoWith around 265,000 electricians in the UK, it’s the invaluable support of wholesalers and distributors that keep them going. But the power protection provided by uninterruptible power supplies is still somewhat misunderstood by some electrical wholesalers.

Riello UPS General Manager Leo Craig speaks to Wholesaler & Electrical Distributor (W&ED) magazine to debunk some of the myths and spark a new debate about the role UPS.

According to reports, IT downtime can cost a minimum of £5,000 per minute. It’s clear not having suitable power protection in place could prove costly.

Is Power Protection A ‘Dark Art’?

Leo accepts that to some wholesalers or distributors the whole subject of UPS can appear confusing and complicated. However, he recommends they forge close relationships with manufacturers and suppliers to take advantage of their expertise.

front cover of W&ED magazine July 2018. Riello UPS with moody atmospheric smoke
KEY QUESTION: Why are uninterruptible power supplies often seen by electricians as something of a dark art?

He highlights how specifying a UPS installation can be as simple as knowing the power load figure and required runtime. That’s hardly the “dark art” that UPS configuration is often claimed to be.

More than half of Riello UPS’s business is undertaken through our network of authorised resellers and product distributors. As Leo explains, that means we’re used to working in partnership to deliver the very best for customers.

Leo Craig Riello UPS quote about a UPS not being a 'dark art'
MYTH BUSTING: An uninterruptible power supply isn’t as complex as it may appear

In many ways, Riello UPS and electrical wholesalers share a similar mindset and attention to detail, keen to pass on valuable knowledge to their clients.

For us, this is particularly evident in terms of our industry-leading UPS maintenance contracts.

This includes our ground-breaking Diamond UPS maintenance plan, which includes a guaranteed four clock hours emergency response time, plus a commitment to fix the fault inside a further eight hours.

In addition, the article also showcases our Certified Engineer Programme. This means any engineer trusted to work on a unit is fully-trained and competent. Also covered is our remote UPS monitoring platform Riello Connect.

Read the full article about why wholesalers should view power protection in a new light. Check out p14-15 of W&ED magazine