Electrical Review: Super-Efficient UPS In A Low Carbon World

In today’s environmentally-aware age, an efficient UPS isn’t just desirable, it’s almost a necessity.

As the principal contributors to the UPS section of the Electrical Review Suppliers Guide 2019, we get the chance to contribute an accompanying article on a key industry topic.

Riello UPS’s ethos focuses on “reliable power for a sustainable world” – technological innovation enables us to produce efficient UPS that combine reliability with minimal energy waste.

These themes form the core of our opinion piece. It’s well-understood how UPS tech has improved in recent years, for example, the evolution of transformerless and modular systems.

But we try to broaden the debate so that efficiency isn’t just seen as electricity and energy use. Resource efficiency is also about using server room space more effectively.

This is seen in modern UPS with compact footprint, offering the same power density in a fraction of space. Many UPS now offer easy front panel access for servicing and maintenance, eliminating the need for rear entry.

Another area to emphasise is the shift from pure power protection to wider power management. Smart grid-ready UPS are transformed into ‘Virtual Power Plants’ capable of feeding stored energy back into the electricity grid.

NXE – The Next Generation Of Efficient UPS

One uninterruptible power supply that meets all these modern objectives is the new and improved NextEnergy (NXE).

The three-phase transformerless UPS offers unity power factor and TÜV-certified operating efficiency up to 97%.

It incorporates several special energy-saving features, including an Efficiency Control System (ECS) that optimises the performance of parallel installations according to the load and redundancy.

In addition, the NXE features front-to-top smart ventilation and front panel access for UPS maintenance. This eliminates rear clearance and offers a variety of installation configurations i.e. side-to-side, back-to-back, against the wall.

The original NXE 250 was upgraded earlier this year, with its footprint reduced by almost a third.