Critical Insight 2023: Total Cost Of Ownership Of Modern UPS

We explore the Total Cost of Ownership of ultra-high efficiency modular UPS at the latest Critical Insight 2023 digital event.

November saw popular industry magazine stage its second annual Critical Insight virtual event. Following on from the success of the debut in 2022, Critical Insight 2023 expanded to a three-day event packed with panel sessions and informative seminars tackling the sector’s key topics.

Once again, our Technical Services Manager Jason Yates was a keynote speaker, appearing on Day 2 to provide a presentation covering the total cost of ownership of modern UPS systems. The subject was one Jason explored earlier in the year at Electrical Review magazine’s Powered On Live 2023 event.

He provided concrete proof of the substantial cost and efficiency savings offered by ultra-high efficiency data centre UPS such as our new and improved Multi Power2 modular solution.

Jason’s informative session outlines the broad concept of UPS efficiency and the evolution of modern UPS, for example, the shift from 2-level to 3-level architectures.

He also highlights the broad range of operating modes you find on today’s UPS for data centres, such as Online, ECO, and Active ECO, and how they each impact on UPS efficiency.

Jason then provides an overview of Riello UPS’s latest evolution in modular UPS systems, the ultra-high efficiency Multi Power2. This new product incorporates 67 kW power modules made from state of the art silicon carbide (SiC) components, which enables it to run at up to 98.1% efficiency even in dual conversion online mode.

He outlines a practical example of how upgrading a legacy 96% efficiency data centre UPS with a new Multi Power2 could save 264,000 kWh energy a year, the equivalent of £42,000, as well as cutting annual CO2 emissions by 61 tonnes.

Jason also touches on some of the other benefits of high efficiency UPS, such as a significant reduction in annual maintenance costs thanks to the use of lifelong components.

Watch Jason’s Critical Insight 2023 session in full below.