The Stack: Hidden Impact On Data Centres – Sports Analytics

Sports analytics and stats gurus are almost as influential these days as the stars performing out on the pitch. We examine how data centres are increasingly instrumental in deciding who tops the league.

Data analysis in professional sports has been around for decades. Teams will try anything to gain even the tiniest advantage on their opposition.

Logo for The data centre websiteBut in recent years, big data and real-time processing is often now a fundamental factor in sporting success or not.

Statistical analysis is increasingly important, whether it’s how new players are identified and scouted, or the tweaking of training schedules to optimise recovery and reduce injury.

We explore the rise of sports analytics, and its implications for data centres, for news website The Stack.

How Is Big Data Driving Improvements In Professional Sport?

  • Technologies such as ‘Hawkeye’ or ‘Hotspot’ improving umpire decision-making in cricket.
  • Real-time swing analysis in golf.
  • The use of Electronic Performance and Tracking System (EPTS) wearables to monitor fitness and recovery times.
  • Even examining social media traffic to enhance the experience of fans at the stadium or watching on TV.

Many of these developments require instant, real-time analysis. So for most sports teams, cloud-based data centres are an essential part of their IT infrastructure.

We also explore the hybrid set-ups popular in motorsports like Formula One. At every F1 race weekend, upwards of 35 billion data points are collated from each team’s two cars.

This data is analysed both on-track by engineers housed in micro, modular data centres, and transmitted back to facilities back at the team HQ.

The article also addresses the crucial issue of data security and protection. With such a reliance on data and statistics, a rival getting their hands on a team’s vital information is a recipe for disaster.

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