Digitalisation World: How To Reduce Data Centre Carbon Emissions

Follow these four top tips and you’ll learn how to quickly reduce data centre carbon emissions.

Data centre energy consumption is vast, and unfortunately, so too are the carbon emissions produced. Globally, the sector is responsible for 2% of the world’s CO2 emissions. For context, that’s the same as the fuel-guzzling commercial aviation industry.

digitalisation world magazine logoSoftware giant Microsoft recently took rather innovative – or even drastic – steps to try and improve the efficiency of one of its data centres. It plunged a containerised server room into the North Sea just off the Orkney Islands.

‘Project Natick’ aims to improve local connection speeds, but the naturally cool climate will likely offer environmental benefits too.

Sadly, not every data centre operator can follow suit. But there are ways in which they can adapt in order to cut carbon emissions.

Speaking with Digitalisation World, Riello UPS General Manager Leo Craig outlines four top tips in particular that can reduce energy consumption.

Firstly, data centres should consider the advantages of modular UPS. Modern uninterruptible power supplies have improved greatly in recent years. Modular units, in particular, offer reliability and scalability along with enhanced energy efficiency.

Indeed, modular UPS such as our Multi Power can achieve efficiency of up to 96%. Such performance is possible across virtually all load levels.

Other Ways To Reduce Data Centre Carbon Emissions

Leo shares three other pieces of practical advice, kicking off with using a containment system. Heat is one of the major causes of data centre energy waste. But configuring server rooms into a mix of hot and cold aisles can ensure CRAC systems run more efficiently.

Another area data centre operators can explore is virtualising servers and storage. Sharing these often energy-intensive tasks not only reduces electricity bills, it also saves space. Data and operating systems are still segregated too, thanks to modern technologies.

The final handy hint touches on something that should make common sense. Many IT systems, servers, and PCs are underutilised. Some even run idle, wasting energy whilst doing nothing useful. Is it feasible to power-down certain items of equipment during quieter periods?

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